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Benefits of fish and fatty acids

A diet rich in fish oils can help prevent the accumulation of fat in the aorta, the main artery leaving the heart, according to new research. The actions of fish oil help to prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries.

Research from Columbia University Medical Center shows why including more fish in your diet can improve your heart health.

The fatty acid fish study

The study was conducted on 3 groups of mice, each were fed a different diet. The diets were:

  • a balanced diet
  • a diet resembling a “Western” diet high in saturated fat
  • a high fish fat diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids

The researchers found that the fatty acids in fish oil inhibit the entry of “bad” or LDL cholesterol into the arteries. They found that less cholesterol collected in the arteries of the mice that had a diet high in fish.

The fatty acids decreased lipoprotein lipase, which is a molecule that traps “bad” cholesterol or LDL in the arterial wall.

Video: Heart Healthy Cumin Fish Recipe

This recipe from the Heart Smart Home Cooking looks like a delicious way of including fish in your diet.

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