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Newsletter Issue: 2 — Date: 20th June 2005 — Web Site: http://www.my-blood-pressure.com

Welcome to the My Blood Pressure Newsletter. In this issue we have news about future versions of the My Blood Pressure software, breaking blood pressure news stories, and Steve Alan’s (my!) personal story of living with high blood pressure.

My Blood Pressure Software News

Version 2.0 of My Blood Pressure was released on the 31st of May. A big thank you to the 30-40 people who helped test the new version and for all those who provided feedback and ideas.

If you have not upgraded yet, I would recommend doing so. You can check if you are using the latest version by clicking on the “Tools” menu, then clicking on “Check For Update”. If you are running an old version, please see the webpage: http://www.my-blood-pressure.com/what-is-new.html for a summary of what is new and for upgrade instructions.

Next Version – plans for future releases

Thanks to the feedback I have received, there is already of list of proposed new features for future versions. Some of the ideas that I am considering are:

  • Ability to enter and save any text you wish (for example weight/age/medication list) and for this text to printed as part of the report.
  • The ability to calculate a daily average and a new chart that plots this daily average.
  • The option to set high and low levels that signal an abnormal pulse reading.
  • A way to more easily add consecutive readings.
  • Add a new “Report Wizard” to make it easier to choose and configure the various reports.
  • Consider moving the pulse to its own chart.
  • Add an option to print an empty form into which readings could be hand written, and then later entered into the software when convenient.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me suggestions for new features. If you have something else you want to see added, or if any of these suggestions are also important to you, please email me. I can’t promise to do everything … my main goal is to keep the software easy to use ( I want to avoid “feature bloat”!). If I can add a new feature without complicating the program, I will!

A rough schedule is for a new minor version in 3-5 months, and a new major version early next year. As always, the new versions will be free upgrades. If you want something changed or added, now is the time to email me!

Contributed by: Steve Alan

Blood Pressure News Roundup

A selection of breaking news stories relating to blood pressure. Clicking on the links will take you to a page on our website which contains a summary of the story, and links to other sources.

The most interesting story I found for this newsletter was an article by Dr Thomas Stuttaford in the UK Times Online. (Click here to go directly to the article) The article strongly reinforces why it is a good idea to monitor your blood pressure at home. This is a must read article to pass on to family & friends. Dr Stuttaford also has an online page where you can send him questions about blood pressure.

My summary of this article:

Home Blood Pressure Monitors Make Common Sense
Monitoring your blood pressure at home makes sense. This article presents the case of someone who could have been saved by home monitoring and describes why it is important to take multiple readings through the day and week to arrive at a more accurate picture of you blood pressure. (Click here for more)

Other stories

UK Ignorant of High Blood Pressure
Shocking new statistics show almost a quarter of people in England and Wales are suffering from undiagnosed high blood pressure. (Click here for more)

Soy may lower blood pressure
Soyfoods lower blood pressure, especially in older women. (Click here for more)

Breastfeed for lower blood pressure
The researchers said their findings suggested a direct causal link between breastfeeding and lower blood pressure in older children (Click here for more)

Lower your blood pressure by eating the WELL or DASH diet
The WELL diet (a modified DASH diet) lowers blood pressure more effectively than a normal low fat diet. (Click here for more)

Contributed by: Kellie Helen

My Story

This section contains stories and articles contributed by our users and subscribers. If you have something to contribute, we would love to hear from you. Email Kellie or Steve at support@my-health-software.com with your idea or story!.

Do you live with high or low blood pressure? How did you find out? How do you manage it? What has been the effect on you?

Have your say! … please send us your story, or get in touch and we will help you write it.

To start the ball rolling, this issue’s “My Story” is contributed by the programmer of My Blood Pressure … Steve Alan.

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About us

This newsletter is put together by a brother and sister team.

Steven Alan is 36 and is the programmer of the My Blood Pressure software. Steve was diagnosed with high blood pressure in February 2004. Steve needs to monitor his blood pressure regularly, and will probably need to do so for the rest of his life. Steve’s systolic blood pressure was over 200 at one point, but in the last six months he has got his blood pressure under control, and most readings are below 120/80.

Steve is responsible for contributing news about the software as well as tips and tricks for using the software.

Kellie Helen (Steve’s sister) is 34 and a full time mother to a 5 and 3 year old. In her spare time!, she has started working with Steve on the website and newsletter. Kellie grew up in a household which had its fair share of blood pressure problems! Their father has always had high blood pressure, but somehow Steve got all the high blood pressure genes, while in her teens, Kellie used to suffer from her blood pressure being too low. Kellie worked in the medical and surgical industry before becoming a full time mum, and is looking forward to spending more time on this project as her kids get older.

Kellie is responsible for scouring the net for news stories of interest to people who monitor their blood pressure, and collecting and organizing stories contributed by subscribers.

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