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New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken

If you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolution by now, then you are one of a very few!

It’s less than a week since the new year started, and by now most of us have already broken that resolution. They just don’t seem to stick, do they? :-(

My thoughts are that New Year’s resolutions are made when we are fueled with inspiration and hope for the new year, but very little planning. Any goal needs a serious plan to get you there.

I also feel that New Year’s resolutions are always the big ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ goal. For example, “I want a body like Elle Macpherson”. Now that is just not going to happen to me unless I grow more than a foot and are transformed by photo shop!  Let’s get realistic about our goals and break them down into smaller achievable goals. How about, “I will walk for 20 minutes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and once on the weekend.” The goal is specific and doable.

To help you create and plan your New Year’s resolutions I came across this fun VideoJug video which has good practical advice on sticking to a New Year’s resolution. It gets the message through in a light hearted way and will help if you are keen to stick to any goal.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

This year I thought I’d like to get one more gym session in a week. That would get me to the gym 4 times a week. Is that ‘achievable and doable’? So far it has been. But I am on holidays with plenty of time on my hands. I hope I can keep it up once my children are back at school and I’m back to work. I’ll let you know!

What was your New Year’s resolution for 2010? Did you make one or has past experience told you not to bother. :-)

Either way – Happy New Year! Kellie


11 Responses to “New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken”

  1. Steve says:

    Happy new year to everyone!

    My resolution was to not weigh anymore on 1/1/2011 than I do on 1/1/2010. I think I had the same resolution last year, and actually managed to lose a few kilos, so I think I’ll stick with it :)

  2. Ray says:

    Mine is to lower my blood pressure! Happy new years, Ray

  3. You’re right Kellie. Resolutions are often broken. I like to look at mine as goals and give them a deadline for when I want them to occur by so I’m motivated to make them happen

  4. Dave says:

    Most of all enjoy myself and to keep off the 5 Kg I lost in 2009. I do not make resolutions but I greet each day as a bonus to an an already fulfilled life.

    Everything in moderation and moderation in everything if that makes sense :)

  5. Dave says:

    Hi Steve: Greetings to you and any other readers. My comments mean a heck of a lot more than they seem. Because two years ago they told me I only had 30 days to live !!
    Check my web link [My Story] (remove the www dot my-health bit at the front, not sure why it does that)

    Cheers Dave

    • Steve says:

      Hi Dave, you have been through quite an ordeal. You are strong to survive. I am glad that you proved them wrong!

      I fixed up the link (the problem was caused because the URL was missing the “//” after the colon).

      Best wishes, and enjoy yourself! Steve

  6. Dave says:

    Must be the heat addling my brain Steve Its hot in Perth. Yes that last post should have read 20 years ago not two !! I love proving people wrong especially in things like that.

    It also proves if you have the right attitude you can overcome the odds.

    Cheers Dave

  7. Just to let you know I have managed to get to the gym 4 times a week in January!

    I am thrilled that I have stuck to my new years resolutions so far. It hasn’t been too tricky to fit into my schedule and I hope now the habit is formed I can stick with it.
    I do feel good for having a bit more fitness.

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