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New option to purchase all our applications as a suite

We have just added a new “Suite” purchasing option to our purchase pages. You can now purchase one of our applications for $29.95 or all of them for $49.95.

For people who have recently (or even not so recently) purchased more than one of our applications, email me at, and I will upgrade you free to the better deal. I apologize to those who have paid more in the past, but email me, and I will work something out with you to make up for it.

We will also be soon emailing users who asked to be notified of updates and news, a special upgrade price to a suite license. If you are an existing user and want the upgrade, email me and I will send through information on how to get it.

The suite includes licenses for all our applications including: My Blood Pressure, My Weight Software, My Blood Glucose, My Peak Flow, My Body Temperature, My Cholesterol, My INR, My Blood Oxygen.

For more details on what each program does, please see the information page. You can choose which applications to install, but have the option to install any or all of them now, or whenever you wish in the future. The installed applications are separate self contained programs, but work together so that you can create custom charts combining readings from all the applications.


4 Responses to “New suite purchase option”

  1. Derek Wicks says:

    I have already been using “My Blood Pressure” for some time now….what will it cost me to upgrade to the suite?

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Derek,

    We have a special on at the moment where existing users can upgrade for $19.95. An email has been sent to you with details on how to purchase the suite at this price.

    My Health Software support

  3. carl merrell says:

    cannot install new purchase. please send instructions

bottom Steve

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