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Support Forum Topic: My Peak Flow Version 2 Beta
Started by: Steve (My Health Software Support)
Date: June 11, 2009

My Peak Flow version 2 beta

Thank you for helping us test the new version of My Peak Flow. Being a beta tester is not for everyone. This page will give you an idea of whether it is something you would like to do, and provide instructions if you choose to do so.

Should you try the beta version?

Internally we have been using the beta version for a couple of months now, and it shares a number of new features with our other programs that have been released for 6 months. It is relatively stable, but there will still be problems yet to be uncovered. That is the idea of a beta version. Smiley

If you are a bit adventurous, in a position where you don’t need to print a report for your doctor in a couple of days, and make backups as described below, you would make a good tester.

Please note: the new version requires Windows XP or later. If you are running Windows 98 or ME or 2k, please email Steve at

Lastly, if you do run into problems with the beta, we will work with you to get around the problem, or restore your computer back to using version 1 of the software. This may take a couple of days, and may not be good for your blood pressure, but we will get you back up and running.

Installing the beta – Preparation

We would firstly recommend registering a user account on this forum, and then clicking on the “Notify” button just above this message, so that you are emailed if any new posts are made in this thread. Only Steve can post in this thread, and only important information about new releases and critical bugs will be posted.

While the new version of My Peak Flow will try to make backups of your readings and settings, it is strongly recommended that you make your own backups. The most important location to backup is the “My PF” subfolder of your “[My] Documents” folder. In addition, having a hard copy backup by printing out a report containing all your readings can also be a good idea.

If you do not have a standard method of backing up your documents, please see: for a quick backup method (Just substitute “My PF” for “My BP”).

Lastly it is recommended that you do not try to install and run My Peak Flow version 2 and 1 at the same time as the versions will interfere with each other. (If you choose the defaults when installing software, this will not happen.)

Installing the beta

Shutdown any running instances of My Peak Flow. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the peak flow meter icon in your System Tray, and then click on “Shutdown My-PF”. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:

Click the following link: [Link removed due to general release] to start the download (This link is updated to point to the most recent build).

If you are using Internet Explorer you are asked whether to Save, Run or Open the files. Click on Open or Run.

If you are running Windows XP or Vista you may see security warnings from Internet Explorer. Please click on Run or Allow.

Once the download completes (approximately 10 minutes at dial up speeds, and a few seconds for Broadband), the Installation wizard appears. Follow the installation wizards prompts, choosing the default options.

At this point you should be looking at the main My Peak Flow window. It looks a bit different to version 1, but it should be recognizable. If you have used My Peak Flow on your computer in the past (i.e. it is not a fresh install), click on the “View readings” task to check that your readings have been converted. Also click on the “Change user” task to check that all users have been converted.

I won’t go into all the changes here. We hope that the new features explain themselves to a degree and invite you to explore them. (Please note: the tutorial on the website is still for the current version 1, it has not been updated for version 2 as yet.)

Installing the beta – License

The new version of My Peak Flow uses a new license system. Whether you have used a licensed version of My Peak Flow on your computer in the past or not, the new version will be in the trial mode.

Feel free to leave the program in the trial mode for a while to test the trial mode features.

To upgrade your old keycode, go to the following webpage: or email us at

Reporting problems

Please feel free to report problems, or make suggestions, by posting a new topic on this forum, or by emailing us at (if you email us, please include the word “Beta” somewhere in the subject).

Suggestions are very welcome, but at this stage in the development cycle, anything that doesn’t fix bugs or usability issues will be saved up for a later version.

Thank you for any and all help you can give us in getting the new version of My Peak Flow ready!
Steve and Kellie.


One Response to “My Peak Flow Version 2 Beta”

  1. Steve says:

    The new version of My Peak Flow has now been generally released.

    Thank you to everyone who helped test the beta version!


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