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My Blood Glucose software launched!

My Health Software has launched new charting software, My Blood Glucose. My Blood glucose software will record, chart and print reports of your blood glucose readings.

More about My Blood Glucose

My Blood Glucose is Windows software that can be used on any modern computer. It can be used with any home blood glucose monitoring device.

My Blood Glucose software will help you manage and control your blood glucose levels, so you can then determine what affects your blood glucose and how you can control it better.

Tracking blood glucose levels will make it easier to see trends in blood glucose and events that impact your blood glucose. My Blood Glucose software will track events, such as changes in diet and medication, and analyze readings to help you and you doctor.

Charting other health conditions

My Health software have a range of health charting software for those managing more than one medical condition. All the software can be charted together. For example, you can chart blood glucose and blood pressure together on the same chart.


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