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Home monitoring blood pressure video

The September 2008 issue of the Harvard Heart Letter has released a short video demonstrating how to take your blood pressure readings at home.

Blood pressure readings can vary throughout the day. It can be affected by many things including; standing up from a chair, watching an exciting show, eating a meal, visiting a doctor or being stressed.

Blood pressure readings change so much that you are more likely to get an accurate reading if you check it at home, rather than in the doctor’s office reported Medical News Today.

Why home monitor?

There are a number of reasons why the American Heart Association recommends people home monitor. These include:

  • Find your real blood pressure Readings from doctors office don’t always show the whole picture.
  • Track your progress Taking home measurements will let you know whether your lifestyle changes and medications are working.
  • Save time and medications Taking home measurement may mean less visits to the doctor’s. If you have white-coat hypertension (an increase in blood pressure with doctors) it may also mean taking fewer medications.

Watch the home monitoring video

Watching the Harvard Health video requires Apple Quick time. Click on video to watch.


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