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The mind controlling blood pressure

An interesting study by Harvard researchers looked at hotel maids and their ‘perceived amount’ of exercise. It showed that the maids who saw themselves as physically active had a decrease in weight and blood pressure. Those maids (doing the same work) who perceived themselves as physically inactive had higher weight and blood pressure levels.

The hotel maid study

Researchers divided 84 hotel maids into 2 groups and measured their BMI, weight, blood pressure, waist-hip ratio and body fat levels. All the maids perceived that they had very little exercise in their job. However, the maids actually did do a lot of physical work in their job.

One group was educated as to the level of exercise they got in their work. For example, walking from room to room, vacuuming and making beds are all very physical. The other group went about their life with no change.

The amazing results

After one month, the researchers found that the group that had been educated on their actual exercise levels had a decrease in weight, waist-hip ratio and a 10% drop in blood pressure.

This unusual study seems to show that by changing perceptions, it can result in real changes.


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