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An increase in temperature triggers migraines

I have luckily never experienced a migraine. I only have mild tension headaches, usually when my children are playing up. :)

Now Harvard researchers have found that an increase in weather temperature can trigger migraines. They found that for every 9 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees C) increase in temperature, it raised the risk of migraine by 7.5%.

Video: Symptoms of Tension vs Migraine Headache

This video has a clear explanation of the symptoms of a tension headache and a migraine. I finally understand the difference!

The migraine and weather study

Harvard researchers reviewed the medical records of 7,054 people admitted into hospital emergency rooms for a migraine over a 7 year period. The researchers looked for a link between weather temperature, low pressure weather systems and air pollution, and migraines.

The most significant trigger to cause migraines was whether a particular day was warmer than expected regardless of the time of the year. Warmer days carried a higher risk, even during winter.

However, the researchers found no strong association between migraines and low pressure systems or air pollution.

The study titled Weather and air pollution as triggers of severe headaches was published in the journal Neurology.

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