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Telmisartan medication tolerated well

A Canadian study found telmisartan, a medication used to lower blood pressure, reduced the outcome of cardiovascular death and heart attack in people who are unable to tolerate normal ACE inhibitor treatment.

Approximately 20% of patients who should be taking ACE inhibitors to lower their blood pressure stop due to side effects such as; cough, kidney problems, swelling or low blood pressure.

Telmisartan study

Telmisartan is a type of angiotensin-receptor blocker, or ARB. ARBs block the receptor sites in the body for angiotensin II, a hormone that increases blood pressure. ARB’s, like ACE inhibitors lower blood pressure.

The TRANSCEND study enrolled 6,000 people worldwide who can’t tolerate ACE inhibitors. The researchers assessed whether telmisartan would reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events.

The results

Telmisartan reduced the outcome by 13% of cardiovascular death, heart attack or stroke. “The TRANSCEND study demonstrates the value of telmisartan in people who are unable to tolerate angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.” said researcher Dr. Yusuf from McMaster University.

The researchers wrote, At the present time, ACE inhibitors seem to be the most appropriate first-line agents for patients needing renin-angiotensin-system blockade. Telmisartan may be a reasonable alternative in patients who are intolerant to ACE inhibitors.


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