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Maths skills important to diabetics

Steve will tell you that maths has never been a strength of mine. It just never came naturally.

For those who are the same and diabetic it may result in a lack of control of diabetes, according to a new study.

This is an unusual connection, so bear with me as I explain the study. :)

What does maths have to do with diabetes?

Numbers are part of everyday for diabetics when you think about it. It may be necessary to count carbohydrates and calories, adjust insulin doses and track blood glucose readings, for example.

The researchers wanted to look at whether patients’ diabetes related ‘numeracy’ or maths levels were related to their blood glucose control.

The maths and diabetes study

Researchers tracked 383 adults with type 2 diabetes who took a maths or ‘numeracy’ based test.

It assessed their ability to do a range of number type tasks. Things like, understanding nutrition labels on packaged foods, calculating calories and carbohydrates in a meal, and tracking medication.

The conclusion …

Patients with the best maths test scores had better results on A1C tests, which indicate a persons blood glucose control over a few months. The researchers thought that poor maths skills may be due to less opportunity to study and lower socioeconomic status.

The researchers feel the study suggests that improving the numeracy skills of diabetics could help them with their blood sugar control. They hope to look at the effects of maths education on diabetes control. The study was published in Diabetes Care the journal from the American Diabetes Association.

Steves’ note:

I know that using My Blood Glucose software will help tracking blood glucose easier for those whose maths skills are like Kellies’! :)

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