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Home monitoring detects masked hypertension

Source: Reuters
Tests detect ‘masked’ hypertension

Our Summary

A study released in the American Journal of Hypertension June 2005 by Dr. George Stergiou highlights the importance of monitoring blood pressure outside of the Doctors office.

An information page by the MayoClinic describes masked hypertension as: “When blood pressure readings are consistently higher at home than in the doctor’s office, it’s called masked hypertension. This may occur for several reasons. The calm, quiet environment of the doctor’s office may be less stressful than at home. Also, use of alcohol, caffeine or cigarettes at home can increase blood pressure.

Home monitoring and ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure both provide multiple blood pressure readings taken away from the Doctors office.

Ambulatory and home blood pressure monitoring are “interchangeable” for identifying masked hypertension in most patients, the researchers conclude.” “It might be argued, however, that for the long-term follow-up of treated subjects with masked hypertension, home blood pressure monitoring is more appropriate than ambulatory monitoring,” they say, “because of its lower cost and greater convenience for repeated measurements.” (empasis is mine)

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