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Limit your salt

I thought to myself, “not another low sodium story!”. We know we should reduce salt. What I didn’t know was how much, especially for those who have high blood pressure.

7 out of 10 adult Americans should reduce their sodium intake to 1,500mg a day, according to a report by the Center of Disease Control (CDC). When the average amount of salt consumed day is 3,436mg a day, that may be hard to do.

Video: Assault by Salt

This fun video shows how to find the ‘hidden’ salt in common supermarket foods in a light hearted way. It refers to Canadians, however the same applies no matter where you live. (Steve – Australians are not exempt. :) )

The CDC guidelines

The CDC guidelines recommend a maximum daily sodium intake of 2,300 mg. However, they suggest only 1,500mg for adults with high blood pressure, those aged over 40 years old, and all African American adults. Thus, 7 out of 10 adults should be on a diet with only 1,500mg of salt each day.

The report showed concern that the current food labeling in the US follows the guideline of 2,400mg a day. This could mislead people, especially the 7 out of 10 who should be having only 1,500mg of sodium a day.

Reducing salt to 1,500mgs a day

1,500mg of sodium a day is about the same as two thirds of a teaspoon of salt. That’s not a lot! Here are my tips for reducing sodium in the diet:

  • take the salt shaker away from the table – avoid temptation :)
  • don’t add salt when cooking – add extra herbs and spices instead
  • avoid processed foods – stick to fresh whenever you can
  • don’t assume sweet foods don’t have sodium
  • read food labels and avoid those with high sodium
  • start a low salt diet and track your blood pressure with ‘Events’ in My Blood Pressure software

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