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Low fat dairy helps hypertension

I love diary foods like smoothies and ice-cream. Yum! I also liked that this study links dairy products to reduced high blood pressure. :)

The study showed that low fat dairy products can help to reduce your risk of high blood pressure in older age.

Video: Low fat substitutes for cooking with dairy products

When a recipe asks for 1 cup full fat milk, I worry that substituting it for low fat milk may affect the result. This handy video shows what low fat diary products you can use as a substitute in your favorite recipes and those you cant. Some good tips!

The low fat dairy study

Researchers from the Netherlands measured blood pressure in 2245 participants who were over the age of 55 years. They were tracked over a 6 year period. The participants were divided into 5 groups depending on the dairy they ate. The 5 groups were: milk and milk products, cheese, low fat dairy, high fat dairy and fermented milk group.

The study showed people eating more low fat dairy (561grams) and milk products daily (651grams) had a lower risk of hypertension than those consuming less low fat dairy (21 grams) and milk products (127grams).

Eating one extra serve of dairy a day lowered hypertension risk by 7%. The researchers were surprised to find that those eating high fat dairy products did not have an increased hypertension risk.

Researchers conclusion: “Intake of low-fat dairy products may contribute to the prevention of hypertension at an older age.” The research was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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