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Supportive partner good for blood pressure

Source: Forbes
When Job Ups Blood Pressure, Spouse Can Help
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Research released at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association showed people with stressful jobs but supportive spouses had a decrease in of 2.5mm Hg in systolic blood pressure.

Researcher Dr. Sheldon Tobe, assistant professor of medicine at The University of Toronto observed the blood pressure levels of 216 men and women over a year. He found that those suffering job stress and a lack of spousal support increased systolic blood pressure by 2.8mm Hg.

“Spousal Support” was determined by things such as talking about each other’s day, being in each other’s company and being sympathetic.

The findings were released at the Annual Fall High Blood Pressure Research Meeting in Washington DC.

Dr. Tobe recommended to people with high stress jobs and an unhappy relationship to have their blood pressure checked.

Maybe a happy love life can lead to a healthy heart!


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