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Reduced kidney function and warfarin linked

Patients with reduced kidney function need lower doses of warfarin and closer monitoring, according to a new study.

For those who take warfarin there is a high rate of reduced kidney function.

The kidney function study

The researchers from the University of Alabama, USA studied 578 patients taking warfarin and their kidney function. They found that warfarin dose was significantly affected by kidney function.

The results showed:

  • 60% of the patients had normal or mildly reduced kidney function.
  • 30% had moderate reductions in kidney function, common in older adults.
  • 10% had kidney failure requiring dialysis.

What the researchers said …

Researchers Dr Allon and Dr Limdi said, “Warfarin therapy is prescribed and managed similarly in patients with reduced kidney function as in the general medical population.”

They added, “However, in our study patients with reduced renal function and renal failure required lower doses. Forty percent of study participants fell into these categories. This highlights that kidney function may be an important factor to consider in patients being prescribed warfarin.”

The researchers conclusion

The researchers wrote, “In conclusion, patients with reduced kidney function require lower dosages of warfarin, have poorer control of anticoagulation, and are at a higher risk for major hemorrhage.”

The study, “Kidney Function Influences Warfarin Responsiveness and Hemorrhagic Complications” was published in The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

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