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Support Forum Topic: Is too much food or lack of physical exercise the cause of the obesity crisis?
Started by: Kellie (My Health Software Support)
Date: May 28, 2009

Hi everyone,

A new study investigated what was to blame for the growing rates of obesity. Was it that we are all eating too much food or is it we don’t exercise enough? Or both?

I was surprised by the results and thought you may be interested in this one too!

Thanks! Kellie


3 Responses to “Is too much food or lack of physical exercise the cause of the obesity crisis?”

  1. BellaVega says:

    I think it is both. But as far as overeating, I think it is also because we are eating the wrong foods. We are eating way too much fast food and processed snack foods and drinking way too many soft drinks. As far as exercising, more kids are opting to play video games, watch cable TV and surf the Internet rather than going out and playing. In the end, I think it is up to parents to feed their kids healthy foods and encourage them to go outside and play. -Bella Vega

  2. NotThePest says:

    Video games is the culprit, hmmm. I think sitting, in activity as the culprit. People can’t walk a half a mile, adults and children. If children don’t see their parents moving, neither will they.

    I just bought a Wii with a Gift Card I received for switching my phone and internet service provider (wasn’t getting anywhere with continued loss of service with my old phone company). I am an aerobic walker doing between 45-60 miles a week along with three days of resistance and strength training. I have to make an appointment with myself and time for myself to do that. I got the Wii and the Wii Fit Plus because I was interested in doing something extra while having fun. In two weeks of doing the Wii Fit Plus’s 30 min. exercise program plus using a software program from Electronic Arts called Active Sports Personel Trainer, I have lost 5 pounds and worked muscles I didn’t realize I had. So video games is not the culprit, in activity is, and the crappy perservatives that are placed in our food system, especially in the United States where I’m from.

  3. Kellie says:

    Congratulations on the increase in exercise and the pounds lost. You must feel so much better for it!

    I dont have Wii but my parents do. When I visit with my children they (especially my 8 year old son) love the Wii and are very active when playing. I am not saying its a subsitute for playing soccer in the park, but I am impressed with how much a workout Wii fit can be. Smiley

    Unfortunately its not just America which has poor quality food that is laden with preservatives and additives. In Australia I am constantly reading food labels to avoid chemical additives.

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