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Support Forum Topic: Installation may hang when installing MyINR on Windows 7
Started by: KUDOSS
Date: September 22, 2009

Important information you need to know when installing MyINR on Windows 7

Hello all,

I’m an IT Systems Analyst, I analyse scenarios and quickly categorise the scenario into solutions by breaking down the scenario and finding a quick solution. I have been beta testing Windows 7 and currently on the final build of Windows 7… I thought I would try out MyINR as an Anticoagulant patient myself, I use this software on a daily basis to monitor medication and INR test results.

What I have noticed and I must stress this is not an error or a problem with the software it’s just the way in which Windows 7 works in relation to Windows Vista there can be a slight delay? Well in this case it can hang for a few moments when it decides on what it wants to do and then it will kick into action… in some cases you might have to bring up Task Manager and then End Task the directory of where you have downloaded and stored the installation file MyINRSetup.exe.

There is a simple solution right click MyINRSetup.exe and then Run as administrator and then run the application as normal. Again this is not an error with MyINR it runs smooth and without error on Windows 7. You can also drag the MyINR icon to your Task Bar and so it’s in plain view for you to see.

Hope this helps  

Run as administrator

Taskbar Icon looks very nice


One Response to “Installation may hang when installing MyINR on Windows 7”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi KUDOSS,

    Thanks for the feedback on Windows 7.

    I did not come across this issue myself, but I will have another look before the official release of Windows 7. The setup file that you are running is actually created by InnoSetup .

    I have had a look through the InnoSetup support newsgroups, and I can’t see any general issue along these lines jumping out.

    If anyone else comes across this, I would appreciate hearing about it.

    What I will probably do is re-create all the setup files just before the official release of Windows 7 so that I am using the latest version of InnoSetup.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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