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Support Forum Topic: Import Omron csv files
Started by: Val Smith
Date: June 19, 2011


How can I import Omron 705it csv files into your software, I keep getting errors. Omron have an event count before the date? and i keep getting date errors.

Val Smith


4 Responses to “Import Omron csv files”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Val,

    Thank you for sending me a sample of the Omron 705it csv file via email.

    Below is a screenshot of the settings you need to successfully import this file into My Blood Pressure.

    To import the file, click on the My Blood Pressure “File” menu, then click on “Import Readings…”. You will then be prompted to select the location of the file you want to import.

    Once you have done that, the “Import Readings” settings window will be displayed. Change all the settings in this window to what you see in the screenshot below:

    Import omron readings settings

    Please note: the actual numbers in the above screenshot have been changed to protect your privacy.

    Once you have done that, click the “OK” button. You will then see a report showing you the readings that were successfully imported.

    Hope this helps!
    My Health Software support

  2. Steve says:

    Another user contacted me by email having trouble using these instructions to import readings from their Omron monitor’s software.

    The date format in their file was different (which may be a country/locale difference) as well as extra columns being inserted into the export.

    Below are the settings for his file (with the name blacked out for privacy reasons)

    omron import

    If anyone reading this is having trouble getting these instructions to work, please email me at, let me know you are trying to import an Omron file, and if possible, attach the file you are trying to import. I will then be able to send you the import settings.

    My Health Software support

  3. Hi Steve,
    Do you have an interface to the Omron BP7911T Intellisense machine. I have not been able to make these communicate via the USB interface. I want an automatic download rather than a data entry keyboard task to do. The machine did wook with an XP machine I had one year ago.
    Many Thanks

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