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Ice cold IV may help heart attack victims

A trial with Paramedics have shown some heart attack victims could be saved by pumping ice cold saltwater into the patients’ blood on the way to the hospital.

The study at the emergency department at LSU Hospital in Shreveport uses Post Cardiac Arrest Therapeutic Hypothermia to protect patients’ brains from damage by quickly dropping their body temperature.

Dropping body temperature

The intravenous therapy is designed to cool the patient and reduce the brain’s need for oxygen. This will help to minimize damage that often occurs after the heart stops and blood flow to the brain stops. It aims to improves the chances of the patient leaving the hospital walking and talking.

The cold IV is pumped into the body through a intravenous catheter directly into the bloodstream. This cooling effect slows the demand for oxygen by the body.

Researchers comments

Studies show that patients who receive therapeutic hypothermia are twice as likely to survive. said Dr Grier from LSU Hospital. “What we are trying to do is improve the number of people who survive and improve their quality of life. The issue becomes timing. And the sooner we can get a patient rehabilitated, the better it can be.”


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