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Support Forum Topic: Hypotension low limits
Started by: Barbara Shelton
Date: October 26, 2011

I have been keeping track of my mother’s BP as she has a hiztory of Hypertension. After recent surgery, I have noticed that her Diastolic is low, but your software refuses to record a low pressure unless I change the limits to record it as normal. This is not good as Hypotension is just as important to track as Hypertension. Is there a software update to correct this?


2 Responses to “Hypotension low limits”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Barbara,

    My Blood Pressure can record low pressure readings.

    The limit you are referring to is just there to catch typos. So for example if you type “1200″ or “12″, it will assume you have made a typo and warn you that you have entered a reading outside your normal range of readings.

    If you change the lower limit on the Diastolic readings, it will have no other effects on the program except that it won’t warn you when entering a low reading.

    You can edit these limits directly by clicking on the “Change options…” task, and then clicking on “Reading Entry”.

    Hope this helps!

    If you have any questions let me know.

    My Health Software support

  2. Esofia says:

    I did this by changing the three levels you can set it to. Instead of green = normal, amber = high and red = very high, I have it so that it’s green = low, amber = normal and red = high. I use 90/60 and 135/85 as the cutoff points.

    I agree that it would be great if there could be four settings, however, so that you could have both high levels *and* a low level.

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