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Hypertensive heart disease kills Robin Cook MP

Source: Telegraph.co.uk
Tests show Cook died of heart disease

Our Summary

Robin Cook MP, a former British foreign secretary has died at age 59 from hypertensive heart disease.

Messages of condolence can be sent via: www.robincook.org.uk

A good summary of Hypertensive Heart Disease can be found on the Drugs.com Hypertensive heart disease page. It lists the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Hypertensive Heart Disease is a late complication of high blood pressure that affects the heart. High blood pressure causes the heart’s left ventricle to enlarge. Click here to view some pictures of enlarged left ventricles (via google images)

The Heart Center Online has a clear diagram of this:

Click here to view full size

The Nationmaster.com site has a breakdown of hypertensive heart disease by country.

If you have hypertension, it seems the best way to prevent this disease is to make sure your hypertension is treated.

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