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What is Hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

I was asked by a diabetic user whether he should pay the $400 for sessions for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He had a foot sore that was struggling to heal and it had been recommended by his physician.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves the breathing pure oxygen in a sealed chamber that has been pressurized up to 3 times the normal atmospheric pressure.

As you know, Steve and I are not doctors and can’t offer medical advice. However, I found information and a great video that shows what it’s like to be inside one. Oxygen therapy is an area where the evidence is building as to its benefits, but there are still plenty of skeptics too! :)

Great video explains hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A session in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber would not be good for those with claustrophobia. It’s a small space! There are different manufacturers of chambers and I am not recommending this center or brand. This video just gave a great inside view of what it would be like to lie in one.

Thank you to Amacorp for the use of the video.

More about Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In America, HBOT is a reimbursable treatment by Medicare for 14 UHMS “approved” conditions. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often used for decompression sickness or “the bends”, severe carbon monoxide poisoning, some wounds, injuries, skin infections, and certain bone or brain infections.

To read more about HBOT visit Wikipedia and The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

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