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Support Forum Topic: How to use your blood pressure home monitor accurately
Started by: Kellie (My Health Software Support)
Date: September 4, 2009


I am often asked ‘how do I know if my home monitor readings are accurate?’ Especially by people who have just started monitoring.

Last month I discovered The American Heart Association has a short video that shows exactly how to take accurate readings. The American Heart Association has very clear guidelines on how to use a blood pressure home monitor. It is a great video and even if you have been home monitoring for years, there are still tips to learn.

I’d be interested to see if there was information you didn’t know, especially their recommendation on wrist monitors.

Thanks! Kellie


2 Responses to “How to use your blood pressure home monitor accurately”

  1. fatboy says:

    Good stuff. About what I do although sometimes I skimp on the five minutes and I wasn’t sure taking a few readings in one minute intervals was allowed, though it has made sense to me :) I also use a few of the pharmacy BP machines at least once a week just to double check the accuracy of my IntelliSENSE HEM-773. I provide my doctor with printouts but I suspect she would rather just go by the reading at her office taken immediately after I spend an hour waiting for my appointment in a waiting room of bedlam. I also included a two page article from AMA about seasonal fluctuations in BP with my printout on Monday. She has yet to call me and discuss this phenomenon. The reason I began investigating the seasonal thing was just from observing some increases this year (though still in the good) in my daily numbers since cooler weather has come. I was thinking it might be linked to more water retention due to less sweating but the article cited more eats and less excercise.

  2. Kellie says:

    Hi fatboy,

    I’m glad the home monitoring video was a help!

    I thought you may be interested in a study review I did earlier in this year on how seasons affect blood pressure.

    A 3 year study in France tracked over 8800 people to find their blood pressure was higher in the colder winter months than in summer. It sounds like you can relate to that!

    At the bottom of the article Steve has added a note on how to view Seasonal Averages in My Blood Pressure software. I am not sure if you have done that already, but it is an easy way of seeing how the seasons affect your blood pressure.

    Good luck with your seasonal investigations! Thanks and Happy Halloween. Kellie

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