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Support Forum Topic: How to start exercising
Started by: Kellie (My Health Software Support)
Date: September 26, 2009

Hi everyone,

I was asked by a user this week how she should start exercising. She is monitoring her weight and blood pressure and is overweight. She made the great decision to begin exercising each day.

My first suggestion was to start walking each day and build up the time walking and speed gradually. However, I came across a great video that has exercises you can do at home which are perfect for getting started.

Even if you exercise you may want to include these into your routine. Try them, as some aren’t as easy as they look!

Thanks, Kellie


2 Responses to “How to start exercising”

  1. BellaVega says:

    I think exercise is important but if you are underweight, you also need to look at your diet. You may not be getting enough calories or you may be naturally thin. When getting in shape, exercise is important but so is a healthy diet. -Bella Vega

  2. safehealthmedicine says:

    I start it with a warm up stretching exercise before heavy work out to avoid injury.

    Easy : Soleus
    Easy Normal Stretch
    Easy : Quadriceps Standing
    Easy : Side Lunge
    Moderate : Leg Over
    Easy : Fetal Position
    Easy : Spine curve
    Easy : Bar Twist
    Easy : Lower Back-Cat Stretch
    Easy : Elbows Back
    Easy : Shoulder Strangle
    Easy : Bicep-Wall Stretch
    Easy-Moderate : Hand Down Spine
    Easy : Upward Stretch
    Easy : Chin to Chest Front

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