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Housework can lower blood pressure in hypertension sufferers

Source: Indiana University News Release
Yard work and housecleaning improve blood pressure

Indiana University researcher Professor Janet Wallace has shown that people suffering from hypertension who participated in daily physical chores around the house and yard lowered their blood pressure.

The study showed that only 4 hours of ‘lifestyle physical activity’ each day reduced the blood pressure of the study participants by a level. That means those with hypertension went down to prehypertensive levels for about 8 hours and those with prehypertension were reduced to normal for about 6 hours. This makes house work an effective way of reducing blood pressure.

The research released in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise described “lifestyle physical activity’s” as such activities as; washing cars, working in the yard – sweeping, mowing, and general cleaning work around the house.

As described in the Indiana University press release, the study participants, “wore accelerometers, which measure activity and intensity, and automated ambulatory blood pressure monitors, so they could be monitored closely during both the 24-hour period during which the activity occurred and during a 24-hour period that did not include the activities.”

So next time you are asked to do some work around the house – say yes! It may help to lower your blood pressure and will make your housemates happy too. :)


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