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Hypertension patients urged to home monitor

For the first time 3 major health bodies have released a recommendation for hypertension patients to monitor their blood pressure at home.

The joint statement was from:

The panels guidelines

The panel’s advice includes:

  • Use a home monitor with a proper fitting cuff that fits on the upper arm, wrist monitors are not recommended.
  • Take two or three readings one minute apart, while you are sitting and resting.
  • When you take a reading, support your arm at heart level and have your feet on the floor, legs uncrossed. Support your back so you are relaxed in the chair.
  • Take the readings at the same time each day, for example morning and night.
  • A home monitor can confirm a diagnosis of high blood pressure or highlight misdiagnosis by a doctor.
  • Home monitoring can help to track how you react to blood pressure drugs. It can also help to motivate patients to take their medication regularly.

The authors advice

Chair of the joint statement writing panel, Dr Thomas G Pickering said:

“High blood pressure is notoriously difficult to treat to goal; many patients fail to reach target levels despite treatment, and studies show home monitoring can help.”

“Blood pressure measurement and tracking could be improved with home monitoring by the patients themselves, in much the [same] way people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels with home glucose monitors.”

Dr. David Goff, one of the American Heart Association members who helped write the recommendations reported: “The evidence is quite strong that home blood pressure monitoring leads to better control of blood pressure, and the evidence is quite strong that blood pressure control lowers the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and sudden death.”

The advice was published on line in the journal Hypertension.


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