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Report highlights hidden salt

A new report has shown that salt is hidden in many foods consumers assume to be low in salt.

The investigation by Consumer Reports highlights the need to be aware of sodium levels, especially in processed foods.

The Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, USA looked at 37 foods to see how the actual sodium content compared with the amount on the label. The labels told the truth, except Enrico’s Traditional Pasta Sauce No Salt Added, which contained higher levels of sodium that listed.

However, sodium was in foods that consumers did not think of being salty. This included;

  • 1/2 a cup of a low-fat cottage cheese had twice as much sodium (360 milligrams) as 1 ounce regular potato chips (180 milligrams).
  • a Premium Caesar Salad with grilled chicken (without dressing) from McDonald’s had twice the salt (890 milligrams) as a large order of McDonald’s fries.
  • a maple and brown sugar flavored instant oatmeal had more than three times as much sodium as its original flavored version.

Investigators comments

Consumer Reports editor Jamie Hirsh said, “One of the big surprises is that foods that you would think would be really salty, like salted nuts, have less sodium than many processed or packaged foods that don’t taste salty at all.


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