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Blood glucose control reduces heart attack risk

I wanted to share this study which is good news for diabetics and prediabetics. The study showed that people who strictly control their blood glucose reduce their risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Previous studies have been inconclusive which left diabetics unsure as to whether keeping low blood sugar levels really helped. This large study helps to clear up the confusion.

Video: Blood Glucose Monitoring

I like this video as it gives a clear picture of good blood glucose control, and why it is important. The diabetes educator in the video explains the basics of using a home monitor and what to look for.

The blood glucose control study

University of Cambridge researchers reviewed 5 research projects done on blood glucose control, as experts have been divided over the benefits of tight blood glucose control.

Out of the 33,040 patients studied; 1,497 had heart attacks, 2,318 had coronary heart disease, 1,127 had strokes and 2,892 people died. The researchers assessed the HbA1c levels of all the patients, which is a good indicator of blood glucose control.

The results:

Most guidelines recommend a HbA1c level of 7%. Some studies had shown that levels below 7% may be dangerous. Not so for this study! It showed if you lower blood glucose HbA1c to 6.6% on average, you can reduce the risk of heart attack by 17% and fatal and nonfatal heart attacks by 15%. The study found benefits for those who kept the levels closer to 4%-5% which is common for healthy people.

Diabetics die on average 6 years earlier than those with normal blood glucose levels. This study shows promise that tight blood glucose control can help to extend their life. The study was published in The Lancet.

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