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Choosing healthy snacks

I love snacking, especially in the afternoon when my energy slumps.

When you need a snack it’s hard to resist unhealthy choices like chips, cookies and sweets.

However, if you have some tasty and healthy snacks options in your house it’s easier to reach for them and give the unhealthy ones a miss. Or better still, don’t have unhealthy foods in the house at all! I found a great video which suggests great snacks you can buy next time you are at the shops.

Do we need to snack?

Yes! Snacking will keep you blood glucose levels up so you are less likely to make bad food choices and find yourself eating on unhealthy snacks. Snacks are necessary to keep your energy levels up, especially in the afternoon.

But, there are good and bad snacks. I hope this video will have you thinking about some good snacks you can buy. There were some I would not have thought of, and it shows that convenient food does not have to be bad for you.

I know Steve is a big fan on Trail nut mixes when he’s snacking. I am known to gnaw on a carrot stick. This video has those plus other great snacking options.

Video: Eating Healthy Snacks

Thank you to nutritionist Ken Babal from Expert Village for use of the video.

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