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High Blood Pressure

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in the My Blood Pressure Newsletter. If you are interested in having your blood pressure story told, please email Kellie or Steve at support@my-health-software.com.

My Story – Frank Taylor

I found out I had high blood pressure over fifteen years ago.

I purchased a blood pressure meter just because I have always been interested in electronics and just wanted to try one out.
This original meter was obviously faulty, giving very low readings on all my family, but it did cause me to visit the doctor to find out how wrong it was. Then, I found that I did in fact have high blood pressure.

Subsequently, I bought another meter the “AND UA-767″ which has always been OK. But as it suddenly started to show increased BP, I bought another meter just to check it out, The second meter is also an AND model UA-774. It confirmed that the other AND meter was OK.
Further checks with the meter at the hospital confimed both meters as accurate.

The first medication, the usual Beta blocker and water tablet combined with Felodopine, a calcium channel blocker worked well to control my BP which was at that time symptomless. It was only when I went into hospital for a prostate operation that I found that I had angina-pectoris.
Before the operation, I had to stop my medication. After the operation, when I was sent home, climbing the hill to my house, I got for the first time the pain of Angina. The felodopine had been dealing with it so I had not felt it before.

Two years ago I had an angiogram which resulted in the diagnosis:- Diffuse, severe triple vessel disease. I am currently on seven different
pills a day, and this is the best that they can do with my BP apparently. I am in line for a multi by-pass operation; but, as I am not in any pain, it is being held over until it is really necessary.

Apart from breathlessness, and the usual pains of old age, I am not in bad health other than this. I had my eightieth birthday last September.

Frank's Blood Pressure Chart
Frank’s BP chart: – click to enlarge

The erratic blood pressure readings are not because of a faulty meter (I have two) but are confirmed by my doctors.

My blood pressure continues to be too high and varies quite a lot during each day; but I am still able to get about to do the shopping, the cooking, the washing and ironing for myself and my son. One of my consultants told me “You are a survivor” I think he may be right. I certainly hope so.

Frank Taylor, UK, website: www.mossbury.btinternet.co.uk

Kellie’s note: Best wishes Frank, and good luck with the operation. Frank has invited everyone ot visit his website at www.mossbury.btinternet.co.uk.


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