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3D medical imaging technology visualizes high blood pressure effects

Source: Yahoo
Dangers of High Blood Pressure Visualized for the First Time Through Unique Medical Imagery

Unique 3D images have been created from the inside of actual patients that show the damaging effects of high blood pressure, including heart attack. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation have released the amazing images online at www.SeeYourBP.com in order to highlight the destructive affects of hypertension.

Sufferers of high blood pressure can now visualize the effect of high blood pressure on their bodies as part of an education program to encourage patients to make positive lifestyle changes, monitor their blood pressure regularly and take their medication as prescribed.

The images were created by Anatomical Travelogue for Novartis and are part of a great interactive website www.invisionguide.com/heart (requires flash). This technology really gives the viewer a good idea as to what is happening inside their bodies.

In this case a picture does tell a thousand words!

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