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Genetic testing for High Blood Pressure – the Future?

Source: Newswire
New Genetic Information Could Improve…

Source: Canadian Government
Canadian and U.S. research in genetics of hypertension…

Source: Yahoo by Sheryl Ubelacker
Study of Quebec families’ genes could lead to better hypertension treatment

Source: Medical News Today
New Genetic Information Could Improve High Blood Pressure Diagnosis, Treatment

Our Summary

There were a number of articles this week about a research study (in the American Journal of Human Genetics ) that was performed by Canadian and US researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The story is fairly technical but as reported in the article on the Canadian government site: “We have taken an important step towards the day when we will be able to diagnose the genetic cause of an individual’s hypertension by simple blood test,” says Dr. Pavel Hamet

Yahoo reports Dr. Hamet , principal investigator of the Canadian-U.S. study, as saying: “We have found that there are different types of hypertension which run in families and we have proven that this is genetically determined because we can link them (through) . . . 16 generations,”

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