Sugar/Fructose – why it is a poison
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Sugar/Fructose – why it is a poison

Over the past few years, we have written about a number of studies that have highlighted the negative effect on health of fructose. These include; Fructose linked to high blood pressure, Reduce sugar and increase fiber, Fructose promotes type 2 diabetes and Cut out sugary drinks.

These are just a small sampling of the studies finding problems with fructose.

I was certainly getting the idea that fructose may not be all that good, but until last week I had no idea why.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

John S. left a comment on Kellie’s recent article linking to the article: The 76 dangers of sugar to your health.

In that article I found a link to a very interesting video. The video is of a talk given by Robert H. Lustig who is a Professor of Pediatrics, in the Division of Endocrinology and Director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at UCSF.

The title of the talk is: Sugar: The Bitter Truth

At 90 minutes, I think this is the longest video that we have linked to, however if you have the time, I think you will find it very interesting. I certainly did, and I have sent it on to a few other people since who have also told me that they found it shocking (in a good way!).

Sugar is a poison

At the start of the talk, Dr. Lustig shows lots of slides that demonstrate that there is an obesity epidemic. Of particular interest is the slide showing an epidemic of obesity in six-month old babies.

He then makes the statement that sugar, specifically fructose, is a poison. It is a toxin, it is handled by the liver similarly to alcohol, and is the cause of multiple diseases, such as hypertension and type II diabetes. He spends the rest of the talk demonstrating that this is true. He proved it to me!

For those people who cannot watch the video, I have included a screenshot of the summary slide of the talk below:

Sugar: the bitter truth summary slide

If you are looking for more written information on fructose, then the article that John S. sent me: The 76 dangers of sugar to your health, contains lots of information on fructose, as well as loads of references.

Thanks to John S. for bringing this to our attention! By the way John, I am still eating plenty of Omega-3s. Thanks again!


14 Responses to “Sugar/Fructose – why it is a poison”

  1. Steve says:

    I forgot to say that another good source of information about fructose is David Gillespie’s blog: and website:

  2. HNW says:

    A very interesting video I will start checking labels for fructrose. Thankyou

  3. John S says:

    NHW………..not only look for fructose (usually high fructose corn syrup) but also “sucrose” and “cane sugar” and “sugar” which are all the same and 50% fructose.

    • KellieMyHS says:

      Hi John S,

      Thanks for the tips on what to look for packaging labels for food. I was wondering about honey though. I sometimes substitute honey for sugar in recipes. Is honey pretty much pure sucrose?

      Thanks! Kellie

  4. John S says:

    Honey is better because it is not processed and has nutrients in it as opposed to the empty calories of white table sugar and HFCS. From a fructose perspective honey is a little better ~40% of carbs is fructose. Here’s the percentage of fructose in sweetners:

    HFCS ~55% fructose
    sugar 50% fructose
    Honey ~40% fructose

    • KellieMyHS says:

      Thanks John S! Good to know honey is a better option with a lower % of fructose. That’s good!

      Honey gives a rich flavour and is great in cookie and muffin recipes as a substitute for sugar.

      Thank you for sharing the link and your immense knowledge on fructose and sugars. I love learning somthing new that improves health. Thanks! Kellie

  5. KellieMyHS says:

    I just finished watching the video on sugar and fructose. I’ve watched it in 2 parts as it’s a long one.
    So glad I did as the 2nd half where he ties it all together is amazing. I had some real light bulb moments! If you have high BP, T2 diabetes, are obese or any metabolic disaese this video scientifically spells out why that is.

    I’ve always hated Coke and sports type drinks – refusing to let the marketing hype lure me from H2O. Now I know why! :)

  6. HNW says:

    Thankyou John S.Shopping now takes longer as I check the labels !!

  7. John S says:

    Kellie…….another thing I didn’t know is that fructose causes an elevation in uric acid. Excess uric acid is the cause of gout. So for all those with gout you should really limit the amount of fructose you eat. Unfortunately another one of the food groups – beer – also causes an increase in uric acid. And another thing I didn’t know is that uric acid appears to be a cause of hypertension and reducing uric acid levels will result in the lowering of blood pressure. So if you have high blood pressure you should also limit intake of both beer and fructose.

  8. Bob Horn says:

    Jst bought your software and I appreciate the thought and design that went into it. Very easy too. I was jst courious, what webpage software manfactrer did you se to create your great site? I’m still sing FrontPage and I’m looking for an alternative. It’s getting a little long in the tooth. Sorry for words missing the letter “u” sometimes. Spilled water on keyboard – got a new one on order. Best Regards, Bob Horn

    • Steve says:

      Hi Bob,

      > thought and design that went into it.
      > Very easy too

      Thanks for the kind words!

      > what webpage software manfactrer did
      > you se to create your great site?

      It is wordpress:

      While wordpress was traditionally used as a blogging platform, it is now very suitable to be used for general purpose websites such as this. There are literally 1000s of good quality free templates available for it.


  9. John S says:

    Kellie……….here’s another interview with the expert on fructose and the ill effects associated therewith. Of interest to you is the statement that honey has about 70% fructose which differs, I believe, from the earlier statements that I posted that said that the sugars in honey were about 40% fructose. Anyway, more is coming to light on the nasty health effects of fructose. The good news is that they have conducted studies where when all fructose comes from fresh fruit there doesn’t appear to be any nasty effects. The way nature intended I suppose, huh?

    • Steve says:

      Hi John,

      Kellie is away from work for a few days but I will make sure she sees this when she gets back.

      Interesting read!

      > The way nature intended I suppose, huh?

      Mother nature does seem to know best :)


    • KellieMyHS says:

      Thanks for that link John S! It was good to read that fresh fruit has no nasty effects. In Australia it is winter and mandarins are in season at the moment. The mandarins are so sweet and juicy with plenty of sugars but I know nature also packs them with fibre. I agree that nature is clever. :)

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