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Fructose promotes type 2 diabetes

I have read articles before linking fructose to obesity and many of todays ills. However, this study gives an explanation and evidence as to why diets high in fructose contributes to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Fructose or high fructose corn syrup is a processed sugar commonly used in fruit juices, soft drinks and processed foods.

It gives me another reason to read my drink and food labels more careful.

Video: High fructose corn syrup vs obesity

I found a lot of conflicting messages about fructose in my research. However, this very short video (almost too quick!) is of a graph showing the increasing use of high fructose corn syrup against the rising percentage of obesity (and type 2 diabetes), which started in the 1980’s.

Video: Dr Alan Greene on Obesity, Diabetes and Ketchup

The person introducing the Dr Greene may be a little strange, but then watch Dr Greene speak to learn a lot about fructose and some practical tips on choosing a healthy ketchup!

The fructose diabetes study

Researchers from John Hopkins University, Baltimore studied rats to find that a particular gene, PGC-1 beta, plays a key role in the development of insulin resistance in a high fructose diet. The researchers blocked the gene in some rats to find they were protected from insulin resistance despite eating a high fructose diet.

The researchers explained that sugars affect the brain and stimulate dietary behaviors, especially appetite. They found that rats who ate glucose also ate a smaller quantity of food, compared to those ate fructose who increased the amount of food they ate.

The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

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