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Food: Keep it simple

Apologies for the lack of news over the past month or so. I have had a few weeks break, and Kellie at the moment doesn’t have as much time to spend working on the news.

Kellie sent me a link to an article and video by her friend Daniel Munday. It is part of a series of articles in progress: the 7 Pillars of Health and Wellbeing.

Daniel talks about a simple principle to determine if food is healthy for you, based on how much processing of food has gone through. He says it better than I could: “Eat clean, stay lean”.

Below is Daniel’s video. You can visit his site for more information.

(Note: The video stops at 1:03)

Personally I think there is a lot of truth in what Daniel says. It is a simple rule, but good rules always are.

Over the past few years, it is something that I have been doing both consciously and unconsciously, and I know that I feel better and healthier for it. I have also talked to Kellie about this in the past, and I know that over the past five years, her diet has gone from eating processed foods to much “cleaner” foods.

For more information about eating less processed foods, have a look at this BBC news article from 2003: Eat less processed food, say experts.

I am in Australia, so I don’t watch the TV show “The Daily Show”, however I occasionally get sent clips from it. Someone sent me this clip a while ago, and I have never forgotten it.

Using Daniel’s advice, the following is a perfect example of what not to eat :-)

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3 Responses to “Food: Keep it simple”

  1. KellieMyHS says:

    Oh my goodness! The video clip from The Daily Show is so funny! I have not seen him before but loved the humour. It highlights the extremes of processed foods. Definately not what to eat! :)
    Thanks for the laugh Steve, a good find.

    On a more serious note I like the straight forward approach of Daniel Munday, a fellow Australian. He tells it like it is!

    Personally I try to avoid processed foods whereever possible. I feel cleaner and healthier for it for sure.

  2. thanks for featuring the video Kellie & Steve. Fortunately for everyone – fat loss and smart eating doesn’t have to be rocket science.

    So long as you follow the eat clean, stay lean theme!

    • Steve says:

      Hi Daniel,

      > fat loss and smart eating doesn’t
      > have to be rocket science.

      Much easier to understand, and therefore follow, if you don’t have to be a rocket scientist :)

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