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The FDA warns against tainted weight loss pills

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded its warning about tainted weight loss products.

The FDA has warned against some pills and weight loss products which contain undeclared, active pharmaceutical ingredients, some of which may cause harmful side effects.

The tainted products

On the 22nd of December 2008 the FDA first warned consumers not to purchase or consume 28 different products marketed for weight loss. Since then, the FDA has found 41 more tainted weight loss products that may put consumers’ health at risk.

Products listed as tainted by the FDA include:

  • Fatloss Slimming
  • 7 Day Herbal Slim
  • Perfect Slim
  • Phyto Shape
  • ProSlim Plus

For an updated list of the 69 tainted weight loss products visit the FDA website.

The FDAs concerns and warning

The FDA analyzed the weight loss products to find undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients including:

  • rimonabant – a drug not approved for marketing in the United States.
  • phenytoin – an anti-seizure medication.
  • phenolphthalein – a solution used in chemical experiments and a suspected cancer causing agent.

Some amounts of the pharmaceutical ingredients exceeded the FDA recommended levels which puts consumers’ health at risk.

The FDA statement said, “The FDA advises consumers who have used any of these products to stop taking them and consult their healthcare professional immediately. The FDA encourages consumers to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before purchasing weight loss products.”

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