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High blood pressure is a family concern

Source: Doctor’s Guide
Family-oriented Treatment of Hypertension:Presented at CCC

A study released at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) 2005 showed that adopting a family-orientated approach to hypertension management improved awareness and detection rates of high blood pressure. Family and household members will often share similar risk factors for hypertension due to a similar lifestyle, diet and level of exercise.

Researchers at the University of Philippines enlisted 100 patients with high blood pressure and the members of their household. They were all assessed for: hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, smoking and sedentary lifestyles. The patients and their household members all shared similar profiles and risk factors. For example; a sedentary lifestyle was found in 59% of the patients and in 66% of their household members.

Dr. Geronimo who led the study, told the CCC, “Hypertensive patients and household members share similar risk factors. This shows that hypertension and risk factor management should be a family affair”.

A family-oriented approach would also be helpful for motivating positive lifestyle changes in hypertensive patients and for encouraging health checkups and regular blood pressure measurement.


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