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Family history of hypertension

A 54 year long study has shown a strong link between a parent developing hypertension and their children developing hypertension also. The study shows that a family history of hypertension is a warning sign for future generations.

Researchers found that the age the parent developed high blood pressure was an important indicator as to when the children developed high blood pressure.

The family study

Researchers at the John Hopkins University tracked 1160 men over 54 years. The study began when the participants were medical students. Each year they had their blood pressure measured.

At the beginning of the study, 264 participants reported at least one parent with high blood pressure, while only 20 had two parents with hypertension. At the end of the study, 583 new cases of parental hypertension were diagnosed.

Researchers conclusions

Dr Wang the lead researcher said, “What we found was that if parents have hypertension early, their children have a significantly higher risk of developing hypertension at an early age.”

Dr Wang added, “If the parents develop hypertension at the age of 55 or earlier, the lifetime risk for the children is seven-fold higher than normal.”


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