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High blood pressure harms your eyes

People with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels risk damaging their eyes and vision.

Hypertension and high cholesterol increase the risk for retinal vein occlusion, a condition that leads to vision loss.

Retinal vein occlusion results from the veins carrying blood from the eye to the heart becoming blocked and causing bleeding or fluid build-up, according to the report published in the Archives of Ophthalmology.

The study

The Irish researchers analyzed 21 studies involving 2,916 people with retinal vein occlusion. They found:

  • 63.6% of patients with retinal vein occlusion also had hypertension
  • 35.1% of patients with retinal vein occlusion also had high cholesterol, and
  • 14.6% of patients with retinal vein occlusion also had diabetes.

The study found that people with high blood pressure had more than 3.5 times the risk of developing retinal vein occlusion than those without it. People with high cholesterol levels had an approximately 2.5 fold higher risk of retinal vein occlusion.

Researchers recommendation

The report said, “We recommend that an assessment of blood pressure and both fasting lipid and glucose levels be routinely performed in adults with any form of retinal vein occlusion.”

The researchers also suggested that doctors who treat patients with hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol should be concerned with the health of the person’s eyes as well.


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