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Is exercise bad for your joints?

A recent study has shown that there is no evidence to support the misconception that exercise can be harmful to your joints.

The researchers felt there was a perception that exercise is potentially harmful to the joints, especially those of the lower extremities, such as knees.

The joint study

Researchers from Boston, USA, and Ainring, Germany, reviewed existing studies to find a link between regular exercise and osteoarthritis (OA). The researchers concluded that if the person exercising does not have an existing joint injury, then there is no increased risk of OA from exercise.

Lead researcher David Hunter MD PhD, New England Baptist Hospital said, “We found that in elite athletes where there was more likelihood of obtaining sports injuries, there was an increased risk of OA in the damaged joints, but in most people vigorous, low-impact exercise is beneficial for both it’s physical and mental benefits.”

What about the knees?

Lead researcher David Hunter added, “The largest modifiable risk factor for knee OA is body weight, such that each additional kilogram of body mass increases the compressive load over the knee by roughly 4kg”.

What the researchers wrote …

The researchers reported, “Despite the common misconception that exercise is deleterious to one’s joints, in the absence of joint injury there is no evidence to support this notion. Rather it would appear that exercise has positive salutory benefits for joint tissues in addition to its other health benefits.

The study was published in the Journal of Anatomy.

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