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Erratic BP Readings

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in the My Blood Pressure Newsletter. If you are interested in having your blood pressure story told, please email Kellie or Steve at

My Story – David Zagrodnik

After reading Kens story, (July 2006 My Blood Pressure Newsletter) I had to send in my readings. My readings started close to 1 year ago, where I was getting readings like 188/110. Since then my trips to the Inter Medicine Dr have been just that (a trip, without the cotton candy). Enclosed are my readings taken at home.

blood pressure chart
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Also, back in Dec. 2005 I had the opportunity to check out a concrete floor as it came up to greet me as I passed out. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days while they tried to find out what caused me to pass out. Dr’s could not come up with any cause for my passing out, but ruled out my heart after stress tests that were done. All they could rule out is “it definitely was not my heart”.
Here is my list of Drugs being taken:

  • Lovastatin (40mg/day)
  • Lisinopril (20mg/day)
  • Furosemide (20mg/day)
  • Metoprolol (100mg/2 times per day)
  • Gabapentin (300mg/3 times per day)

So, as you can see my readings go from one extreme to the other and the Doctor is still scratching his head. I am retired so there is no work related stress. So, in some respects Kens readings mimic my own.

I discovered my blood pressure problem during a visit to the Internal Medicine Dr. in 1996. I have been trying to control it since 2004. I was hospitalized for 3 and a half months on antibiotic treatments for an infection in the hip joint. My symptoms included severe head aches mostly. I still get headaches when the pressure is too high and get sleepy when they are too low. My general health is poor. I had my 2nd right hip replacement done in 1994 and it lasted about 3 years and came loose. The Dr said nothing more can be done about it. It causes a lot of pain. I am using Phentenol patch to control it with varied results.

The Dr’s have no idea why my readings vary so much, but usually my readings show up high at the Dr’s office. When I get a high reading I think its high, but anticipate it will come down in a day or so. Overall averages show it to be normal with a few extreme readings either way which I cant account for in my routine daily movements. My Dr has been trying to control my BP with the list of drugs I use. As soon as the doctors can come up with some order to this BP madness, maybe I will have a happy ending.


Kellie’s note: Thank you David and best wishes with your blood pressure.


One Response to “Blood Pressure Story – Erratic BP Readings”

  1. Gary Soucie says:


    Althought my BP isn’t as erratic as yours, I was diagnosed with hyperreactive BP/labile hypertension back in 1964-65, but actually my BP was quite uneven as early as 1955, when I was 18 years old. My BP finally went high (180/100) in 1998. Since then, I’ve been on quite a few different drugs and drug categories (ABRs, alpha blockers, beta blockers, diuretics, and combinations thereof). Typically, a drug regimen will more or less control my hypertension for a while, then my body “figures it out” and I have to switch. At the moment, I am on Benicar and doxazosin (recently had to delete chlorthalidpone from the regimen because of impaired kidney function). I see my doc at month’s end, and I suspect he may suggest a change.

    Moral of this story? I have been coping (and surviving!) with erratic BP for more than half a century, so don’t obsess over your condition: it’ll only make it worse. Oh, I should mention that I’ve also been living with an incurable, but treatable, form of lymphoma for 20 years. My PCP worries about my high hs-CRP, but my oncologist suggests it’s just global inflammation caused by the lymphoma.

    Relax and enjoy life!

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