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Diabetes animation video: What, why and the effects

I am always on the lookout for good health videos.

A good video can bring an abstract health topic to life, and have an impact far greater than a list of warnings or research studies.

I found the following video simply explained the complex topic of diabetes.

Thank you to AnswersTV for providing the following video: “What Does Diabetes Do?”

The first half of the video explains what diabetes is by showing animations of what happens with glucose and insulin after eating. It then explains the complications of diabetes with another series of animations.

Hope you like it!



6 Responses to “Diabetes animation video: What, why and the effects”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Kellie, That is an interesting video that you found. They have jammed a lot of information into that video! Thanks!

  2. Mark says:

    Wow, great information even for us diabetics that think we may know it already. It was a great mini refresher course!

  3. Carole Hill says:

    I have just started medication for diabetes, reluctantly. This video reflected the importance of controlling my type II diabetes.

  4. John S says:

    Carole………..Your goal should be to get off your diabetes medications which is easy to do if you are willing to change to an insulin lowering diet and get a doctor willing to work with you. Dr. Ron Rosedale is an expert in diabetes, leptin and aging. Here’s some links to his papers with the first link being the most important. He also has a diet book:

    A very informative book is Protein Power by Drs. Michael and Mary Eades.

    Good luck to you.

  5. Ed L. McQuarters says:

    Hi Folks,

    When I click the video start button nothing happens and, on the blank screen it say’s, “This is a private video.”

    I use only Firefox and Thunderbird for my internet and e-mail activities. Both are running the latest updated processes.

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks for reporting the problem Ed! I have updated the link to a different version of the same video. Should be working now. Steve

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