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High GI foods increase diabetes risk

Eating foods with a high GI level has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes, according to 2 new studies.

Foods with a high glycemic index (GI), increase blood sugar levels rapidly after which blood sugar levels drop.

Foods with a high GI level include carbohydrates such as; rice, bread, and noodles. Foods which are higher in fiber have a low GI level and have a more gradual release of energy to the body.

The studies

  • The first study was an analysis of over 40,000 black women over an 8 year period. The women who ate low GI foods were 59% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. The researchers from Boston University wrote, “Our results indicate that black women can reduce their risk of diabetes by eating a diet that is high in cereal fiber,”
  • The second study analyzed data from over 64,000 Chinese women for 5 years. Science Daily reported that Women who consumed more carbohydrates overall were more likely to develop diabetes.”

Authors conclusions

The authors concluded in the Archives of Internal Medicine, “Given that a large part of the world’s population consumes rice and carbohydrates as the mainstay of their diets, these prospective data linking intake of refined carbohydrates to increased risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus may have substantial implications for public health.”


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