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Accuracy in home monitoring devices

An investigation by Consumer Reports has shown the accuracy and reliability of home blood pressure and blood glucose kits can vary.

The investigation

Consumer Reports tested 16 home blood pressure monitors and 13 blood glucose meters. They found a big difference in accuracy and consistency among the products.

Consumers Union Medical Advisor Dr Lipman said, “The main message is that not all blood pressure and blood glucose monitors are alike in terms of accuracy and ease of use.” Consumers Union is a nonprofit organization that publishes Consumer Reports.

The findings

Some findings include:

  • Automatic upper-arm cuff blood pressure monitors give better readings than wrist monitors.
  • Price was not a good predictor of accuracy with blood glucose meters. Two of the cheapest models tested were among the four highest scorers.
  • The only combined blood pressure/blood glucose monitor tested scored poorly.
  • Monitors sold at Wal-Mart were among the best performing and least expensive.

The top 4

The top four blood pressure monitors were all upper-arm cuff devices, and were:

  • Omron’s Women’s Advanced Elite 7300W ($100)
  • CVS by Microlife Delux Advanced 344534 ($90)
  • Omron’s HEM-711AC ($90)
  • ReliOn HEM-741CREL from Wal-Mart ($40)

For further information visit WebMD.


2 Responses to “Accuracy in home monitoring devices”

  1. Denise says:

    I have the Reli-on monitor AND the My Blood-Pressure software and the combination is AMAZING!
    Even my cardiologist (who is NOT overly-impressed with home monitors checked it out against his and announced that it is accurate.
    PS – he LOVES the software as well

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the feedback on your monitor, and for the kind words about our software!


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