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Preventable causes of death

I first thought that ‘preventable causes of death’ was a bit grim for a news article. But, the good news is these leading causes of death are preventable!

Smoking is still the top cause of preventable death in the U.S. It is closely followed by high blood pressure, which accounts for almost 1 in 5 adult deaths, according to new research.

Preventable death study

Harvard School researchers analyzed the effects of 12 risk factors on preventable adult deaths in the U.S. in 2005.

The risk factors were all things that could be affected by diet and lifestyle changes. They included; tobacco smoking, alcohol use, physical inactivity, high LDL “bad” cholesterol, high blood pressure, salt intake, low intake of fruits and vegetables, and being overweight and/or obese.

The research results

  • #1 Tobacco smoking was responsible for 467,000 deaths.
  • #2 High blood pressure accounted for 395,000 deaths.
  • #3 Being overweight or obese accounted for 216,000 deaths.
  • #4 Inadequate physical activity and inactivity was linked to 191,000 deaths.
  • #5 High blood glucose was responsible for 190,000 deaths.
  • #6 High LDL cholesterol was linked to 113,000 deaths.
  • #7 High sodium/salt in the diet accounted for 102,000 deaths.

Thousands of deaths could be prevented by addressing a few risk factors, especially improving a poor diet, lowering high blood pressure, stopping cigarette smoking, and increasing physical activity.

The study supported by the CDC and published on line in April’s journal PLoS Medicine.

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