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Lower your blood pressure by eating the WELL or DASH diet

Source: ABC News
WELL diet effective for reducing blood pressure

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Blood pressure change with weight
loss is affected by diet type in men

Source: Nubella
Studies Examine Food for Lower Blood Pressure

Other sources: Heart Center Online, Medline Plus

Our Summary

We found numerous online sources reporting on a study showing that following the WELL diet lead to greater decreases in blood pressure than a normal low fat diet. A summary of the original research can be found at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to the ABC News story, the WELL diet is: “four or more daily servings of fruit, four or more daily servings of vegetables, and three or more daily servings of nonfat dairy products, along with fish at least three times per week, legumes at least once per week and unsalted nuts and seeds four times per week. Red meat is restricted to no more than two servings per week.

The Nubella story covers both the WELL diet study and the soy study we reported on last week.

While we could not find any consumer information on the WELL diet, there are some good free resources online for the DASH diet. The NHLBI website has a free pdf document you can view or download from their DASH diet page.


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