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Support Forum Topic: Dairy Products: Cow or Goats
Started by: NotThePest
Date: August 11, 2009

Hi Kelly,

In your research, have you come across any studies comparing dairy products made from goats as opposed to cows?  I’m really interested in knowing if all dairy products are the same or if there is a difference based on who is producing the milk.

Thanks in advance for your response.


4 Responses to “Dairy Products: Cow or Goats”

  1. kim robin says:

    Hi notThePest, welcome to my-health-software forum. I guess this is a good answer for your question. Goat milk is a healthy alternative to cow milk. However, people who are unfamiliar with goat milk are often reluctant to try it. The most frequent concern is that the milk will have a strong, ‘goat’ flavor. Custom has conditioned generations of western children to associate cows with milk but in spite of this, goats are excellent dairy animal, and their milk is sweet, mild, and the source of delicious cheeses. Importantly, goat milk is easier than cow milk on the human digestive system, providing a great alternative source of nutrition for anyone who has difficulty digesting cow milk. read more here

  2. NotThePest says:

    Thanks Kim for your speedy response. I had discovered goat cheeses and I was surprised how wonderful they taste and my question grew out of my concern on their health value. I just purchased butter made from goats and as I just luv butter on everything and can’t stand margarine, I was wondering if it would be to my advantage to bit the bullet so to speak and dig into my pocket and purchase goat butter instead of the stuff made from cows, even grass fed cows.

    Thanks again,


  3. Kellie says:

    Hi NotThePest and Kim,

    I am a big fan of dairy and love all cheeses! I haven’t come across any studies to date that compares the health value of goats milk to cows milk. I will keep my eyes open though.

    I think with most foods it is all about moderation and making sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables. Thanks for your posts and I’ll keep a look out for information on dairy products for you.

    Thanks! Kellie

  4. kim robin says:

    Kellie, you are right that its all about moderation. I love to eat green vegetables and fruits too. They are great source of fiber and the antioxidant nutrient, vitamin C. Well, thanks for your reply kellie and we both look forward on your information about dairy products.

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