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Support Forum Topic: Copying readings between user accounts
Started by: Steve (My Health Software Support)
Date: November 15, 2009

Someone just e-mailed me telling me that they had entered a number of readings into the wrong user.

You can quite easily copy readings from one user and paste them into another.

To do this click on the “View readings” task. This will display the “List of readings”. Select the readings that you wish to copy. The standard Windows selection rules apply. For example to select multiple readings, hold down the control key while clicking on each of the readings you want to select. Alternatively you can select a single reading (click on it), and then while holding down the shift key, click on a second reading to select all the readings from the first to the second reading.

Once you have selected the readings that you want to copy, click on the “Edit” menu, and then click on “Copy Readings”.

Then change to the user you want to copy the readings to. Again click on the  “View readings” task to go to the “List of readings”. Click on the “Edit” menu again, but this time click on “Paste Readings”. The readings that you copied above should now be pasted into the new user.



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