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Combination pill proves effective

Clinical trials of a new combination pill suggest it could help control high blood pressure effectively. The study compared 2 different combinations of blood pressure drugs.

The combination pill trial

10,700 volunteers took a single tablet that included 2 drugs. Both pills contained the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE inhibitor) benazepril, known by the brand name Lotensin. One of the pills also contained a channel calcium blocker and the other also contained a diuretic.

The results

Those people who took the tablet containing an ACE inhibitor and a calcium channel blocker had 20% fewer heart events, such as heart attacks and strokes than those who took an ACE inhibitor and diuretic combination.

Dr Jamerson of the University of Michigan, presented his findings at the American College of Cardiology meeting saying, “For the 73 million patients in America with high blood pressure, we offer a new option to reduce heart attacks, strokes and heart-related death by 20 percent.”

The study was funded by the pharmaceutical company Novartis.


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